Dear love,

please come find me.

This depression thing is getting a little too old for me.

I mean,

Another 3:45am
relatable to the icicles in my heart,

With one hand I absentmindedly twirl a pen

With the other, I fend off lonely internet men,

like a hen,

I scratch through my Socials

looking for what??

Followers, likes, Snapchat Adds, Comments, Tags, More status viewers, retweets, mentions…

A flash of happiness that instantly fades


Dear Old Raw Anxiety kicks in

Rhetorical questions and overthinking

Like Billie, I’m the bad guy

Feels like I did something bad

Sorry mum and dad

it’s comical how fast I get cynical

“Why am I even sad?”

overcome with the urge to throw a tantrum

And this gets me mad.

….. every time 🤦